Ancestors of Daryn Sage CHAPMAN


518. Samuel SPRUILL

PROBATE RECORDS: Tyrrell county, North Carolina 1729-1811 book #975.6172 P2br #305-
Samuel SPRUILL Sr., Will written 19 Aug 1760, no probate date, mentions: wife Mary, sons: Samuel, Joseph, Jeremiah, Nehemiah, & James youngest son under 21 years of age in 1760, daughters: Mary WHITE deceased, Joanna BLOUNT wife of Jacob Blount, Elizabeth CASWELL deceased, Jemima GARRETT, Zilpha HOOKER deceased, Zilpha SPRUILL youngest child under 21 years of age in 1760, grandchildren: heirs of dau. Mary WHITE, John SPRUILL, Evan SPRUILL, heirs of dau. Elizabeth CASWELL, heirs of dau. Zilpha HOOKER, Elizabeth HOOKER, & Thomas SPRUILL, executors: sons-Jeremiah & Nehemiah SPRUILL, witnesses: Tabitha EDWARDS, Nathan MIEARS & William EDWARDS

He married twice.  He married Elizabeth Swaine before 24 January 1713 in Tyrrell County, North Carolina.16  Eliza17 was the daughter of Stephen Swaine and Patience Swaine w-o Stephen.  He married Mary Spruill w-o Samuel, Sr. before 19 August 1760 in Tyrrell County, North Carolina.

Roundabout Plantation given to him by his father.

Around 1710 near Blacklanding, the private wharves of the Roundabout was erected Saint Paul's Chapel, one of the earliest churches in NC.
30 years later his son, Joseph Spruill ,gave this chapel to St. Andrew's Parish.

520. Isaac DAVENPORT

There may be another Isaac Davenport in this decendency born about 1720.

Sold land before 1765 - Wm. Mackey will October 22, 1765.

1749, Although probably not related to the Tyrrell County Davenports there was an Isaac Davenport who died in 1749 in Granville County, North Carolina. His children were Joseph Davenport (b. Abt. 1715, died Newberry County SC), Francis Davenport, Isaac Davenport, and William Davenport. Father Isaac and son Joseph were in Orange County, VA in 1739. Some of these names are mentioned elsewhere in this document.

Sep 17, 1685, Richard & Johana Davenport named as parents of Isaak Davenport (NC Reg: 3:213).

Mar, 1700/1, Richard Davenport proved his right to 200 acres of land because he brought himself, his wife Johanna, and sons Richard Jr. and John into the precinct (they were apparently allowed 50 acres per male person). By this date, his other children were born, but weren't mentioned in this petition. This means that he came into the Carolina settlement before 1685, when Isaak was born (apparently, female children were not counted in land petitions of this type.) (Perquimans General Court Records, March 1700/1, p. 421)

Jun 1739, Isaac Davenport served on a Tyrrell County, NC Grand Jury. Minutes of the June, 1739 session of the Tyrrell County, NC Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, 1:51.

1743?, Francis Davenport married Mary Turner. Mary died about 1803 in South Carolina. Children: William (b. Mar 5, 1763), David, Fannie, James, Isaac, Francis, Jr., and a daughter. ["The Roster of Texas Daughters of Revolutionary Ancestors", Texas Society of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, 1976] (also see Francis Davenport, 1749)

1743, Land deed John Davenport to Isaac Davenport. (Tyrrell County DB 1, p. 243)

Feb 8, 1743/4, deed John Davenport to Isaac Davenport, 225 acres in Scuppernong, adjoining Flat Swamp. Witnesses: Edward Phelps, John Gomm.

Apr 14, 1744, land patent Joseph Spruill, Jr. to John Chesson, West side Scupperlong River, adjoining Deep or Fork Branch, Cross Branch, Mr. Davenport. Witnesses: Godfrey Spruil (born 1650, article in THE STATE, August 1, 1964), Samuel Spruil. [See "1754, The King's Colonial Militia ...," linking the places mentioned here with a grouping of individuals.]

Apr 10, 1745, Council held at Newbern. Isaac Davenport is granted a warrant for 300 acres in Edgecombe County. ["Colonial Records of North Carolina", Vol. I, p. 764]

Sep 1751, Isaac Davenport is appointed guardian of Jemiah Smith. Minutes of the September, 1751 session of the Tyrrell County, NC Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, 1:106.

1752, Land deed Elizabeth and Isaac Davenport to Thomas Lee. (Tyrrell County DB 2, p. 201)

Dec 6, 1752, deed involving Isaac Davenport states that his wife is Elizabeth Hawkins Davenport. Witnesses: Jacob Blunt, Giles Long, John Canaday.

Dec 1752, deed from Isaac & Elizabeth Davenport, James Blunt & Mary Blunt, and Thomas & Ann Lewis to Thomas Lee was Proved in Open Court. Witness Jacob Blunt. minutes of the December, 1752 session of the Tyrrell County, NC Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, 1:148.

Dec 1753, Court appointed Jeremiah Winn, John Hassell, Matthew Caswell, Edward Hassell, Sr., Abraham Hassell, Sr., James Swain, Wm. Gennit, John Davenport, Richard Davenport, Isaac Davenport, Saml. Spruell, Jr., John Tarkington, Joshua Tarkington, and Will Hassell, Sr. to lay out a road from Jeremiah Wynn's landing near the mouth of Rider's Creek down the East side of Scuppernong River into the Road near Roger Snell's. Minutes of the December, 1753 session of the Tyrrell County, NC Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, 1:187.

1754, The King's Colonial Militia listed a Company in Tyrrell County, NC. Officers were: Samuel Spruill, Capt.; Joseph Spruill, Lt.; John Spruill, Ensg.; Alexander McCabe, Sgt.; Joseph Spruill, Jr., Sgt.; Hezekiah Spruill, Sgt.; John Chesson, Cpl.; and Nathan Batman, Cpl. The following Davenports were listed as Privates: William, John Jr., Isaac, James, Joseph, Richard, John son of Richard. ("Colonial Soldiers of the South," by Murtie June Clark)

1755, Richard Davenport is listed as a taxpayer in Tyrrell Co, NC. Others: Francis (Granville Co, NC 1755, 1769), Isaac & James (Tyrrell Co. 1755), John (Chowan Co. 1721), John, John Jr., Joseph (Tyrrell Co. 1755), and William & Isaac (Rowan Co. 1758, 1759). (C. E. Ratcliff, "North Carolina Taxpayers, 1701-1786," Geneol. Publ. Co. Baltimore, 1984)

May 27, 1755, Granville grant to Isaac Davenport, 139 acres in St. Andrews Parish, adjoining Jacob Davenport, "head and side of the Deep Swamp", Corbin, Wheatley Witnesses: John Hardison, Wm. Mackey. (Tyrrell County DB 2, p. 376)

Jun 3, 1755, Land Grant 41 to Isaac Davenport, 200 acres in Tyrrell County (S.S. L.G. 133-B).

1757, Land deed Isaac Davenport to William Mackey. (Tyrrell County DB 2, p. 378)

Mar 1759, Isaac Davenport sells land to William _____. Minutes of the March, 1759 session of the Tyrrell County, NC Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, 2:225.

Sep 1759, Isaac Davenport petitions the Court to "Turne the Rhoad Round his plantation." Minutes of the September, 1759 session of the Tyrrell County, NC Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, 2:151.

Mar 31, 1760, deed Isaac Davenport to William Mackey, 139 acres granted to Isaac by Granville, adjoining Jacob Davenport, Deep Swamp. Witnesses: Robert Russell, John Swain.

Mar 4, 1761, Isaac Davenport is appointed Road Overseer to succeed James Davenport. Minutes of the March, 1761 session of the Tyrrell County, NC Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, 2:186.

Mar 4, 1761, Court hears a petition of Nehemiah Norman and Isaac Davenport "praying to turn the roade leading from Scupernung from the Eastmost End of Ne'miah Normans Plantation along the North side of the said plantation to the West end of Isaac Davenports plantation." Petition was granted. Minutes of the March, 1761 session of the Tyrrell County, NC Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, 2:186.

May 13, 1761, Court appoints a Jury to lay out the road from Nehemiah Normans to Isaac Davenports. Members: Alexander H. McAbe, Joseph Davenport, Godfree Spruill, Isaac Devenport, Joseph Norman, Roger Snell, William Devenport, Samuel Norman, Richard Davenport, John Norman, John Hassell, Nehemiah Norman, James Devenport. Minutes of the May, 1761 session of the Tyrrell County, NC Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, 2:200.

1764, deed of gift Steven Lee to Stevan Gray, 1 negro girl. Witnesses: Iesaa (Isaac?) Davenport, Jas. Ryan, Joseph Bryan.

1764, deed of gift Stephen Lee to niece Ann Gray, 1 negro girl. Witnesses: Isaac Davenport, Jas. Ryan, Joseph Bryan.

Sep 1765, deed Zachariah Owens to Thomas Owens, 50 acres East side Alligator River adjoining Owens Landing. Witnesses: Jos. Alexander, Isaac Davenport.

Oct 22, 1765, will of William Mackey states that he had bought land from Isaac Davenport.

Nov 22, 1766, deed Joshua Swain to Isaac Davenport, 43 acres adjoining Scuppernong River, Deep Creek. Witnessses: James Jackson, James Meekins (?). (Tyrrell County DB 4, p. 61)

1767, Land deed Isaac Davenport, Jr. to John Davenport. (Tyrrell County DB 4, p. 208)

1767, Land deed Isaac Davenport to George Davenport. (Tyrrell County DB 4, p. 213)

1767, An estate record was filed in Tyrrell County for Isaac Davenport.

May 10, 1767, Isaac Davenport heir of Isaac Davenport dec'd of Scuppernong assigns his right to his brother George Davenport. Witnesses: John Snell, Ephraim Davenport.

Jul 30, 1767, deed Isaac Davenport "air" to Isaac Davenport (must mean that he is the eldest son - Ed.) of Scuppenond dec'd, to his brother John Davenport. of 225 acres which had belonged to Isaac Davenport dec'd who had acquired it by deed signed by Jno. Davenport 8 Feb 1743/4, adjoining sd Isaac Davenport, John Davenport, John Chesson, Nehemiah Norman, the main road from Tyrrell Court House (at that time located on Kendricks Creek near present-day Mackeys - Ed.) to Scuppernong River Cypress Swamp, Great Swamp, Flat Swamp. Witnesses: John Snell, Efrham Davenport.

Sep 16, 1767, Levi Davenport estate - administrator's bond posted. Witnesses: Isaac Davenport, John Snell, Roger Snell. (Raleigh, NC Archives, Tyrrell County estates)

Sep 18, 1767, bond for Elizabeth Davenport to administer estate of Isaac Davenport. Bondsmen: Roger Snell, Isaac Davenport (Probably a son - Ed.).

Jan 10, 1769, deed Isaac Davenport to Nehemiah Norman, 43 acres called Galars Island, within the bounds of Scuppernong River on Deep Creek Branch. (Tyrrell County DB 4, p. 225)

Feb 17, 1769, Isaac's children John, Francis, and one other are minors; mother Elizabeth as guardian.

Apr 29, 1769, division of Isaac Davenport's estate. Recipients: wife Elizabeth, 8 children Elizabeth, Joel, Isaac, George, Francis, Tamer, and John Davenport, John Snell.

May 1769, Isaac Davenport served on a Tyrrell Co, NC jury. ("Edenton District North Carolina, Loose Estates Papers, 1756-1806," Stephen E. Bradley, Jr., 1995, 3:266).

Mar 9, 1770, deed William Smith to Joseph Davenport, 43 acres on East side of Scuppernong River, adjoining the Sound, Chapman, Wm. Smith. Witnesses: Jas. Spruill, Jr., John Snell, Sr., Isac Davenport, Jr.

Jul 29, 1774, deed Thomas & Rebecca Fisher to Isaac Davenport, 45 acres East side of Scuppernong River, adjoining Yates Branch, Dancing Bridge Swamp, Otter Cone Creek, Jesper Chapman. Witnesses: Joseph Chapman, Samuel Powers. (Tyrrell County DB 5, p. 303)

Mar 1776, deed William Chesson to Samuel Chesson, 100 acres West side of ScuppernongRiver, adjoining Cypress Swamp, Deavanport, Norman. Witnesses: Jas. Spruill, Benjn. Spruill, Benjamin Dillin (Chesson, Norman, and Cypress Swamp tie to Isaac Davenport's locale - Ed.).

Feb 17, 1777, deed Isaac Davenport to Nehemiah Norman, 113 acres adjoining Flat Swamp, John Davenport. Also signed by Sarah Davenport. Witnesses: Henry Downing, Joseph Phelps, Jr. (Tyrrell County DB 5, p. 47)

Sep 22, 1779, deed Isaac Davenport & George Davenport to John Davenport, 200 acres formerly patented to Isaac Davenport dec'd 4 Jun 1755, adjoining John Chesson, Dismal, Red Oak Grounds, James Chesson. Witnesses: John Chesson, William Sutton. (Tyrrell County DB 9, p. 78)

Sep 1779, deed John Davenport to George Davenport, 225 acres as by a deed from Isaac Davenport to John Davenport 1743, adjoining John Davenport, James Chesson, Nehemiah Norman, Cypress Swamp. Witnesses: Isaac Davenport, John Chesson.

Oct 1, 1779, State Grant 35 to Isaac Davenport, 101 acres, adjoining Roger Snell, Great Swamp, Joseph Chapman. (Tyrrell County DB 8, p. 28)

Dec 30, 1779, deed Jesse Lewis to Joseph Davenport, 50 acres adjoining James Davenport Witnesses: Isaac Davenport, John Long.

Sep 23, 1780, deed Lot Pratt to Jesse Lewiss, 250 acres in Scuppernong Pequoson called Turkey Island. Witnesses: Isaac Davenport, Sarah Davenport.

1780-1781, Isaac Davenport fought as a Loyalist in the North Carolina Little River Regiment in the Revolutionary War, seeing action in Orangeburg, SC. "Loyalists in the Southern Campaign, Vol. 1," by Murtie June Clark (Genealogical Publishing Company, Inc., Baltimore, 1981)

Oct 29, 1782, State Grant 145 to Isaac Davenport, 110 acres East side of Stephens entry.

1782, Tyrrell County Tax List shows Isaac Davenport with 287 acres.

1782, Tyrrell County Tax List shows another Isaac Davenport with 300 acres.

1784, Land deed Isaac Davenport to John Davenport. (Tyrrell County DB 6, p. 151)

1784, Land deed John Hooker to Isaac Davenport. (Tyrrell County DB 6, p. 21)

1784, State grant 387 to Isaac Davenport. (Tyrrell County DB 6, p. 136)

1784, Land deed Richard Hocutt to Isaac Davenport. (Tyrrell County DB 7, p. 257)

1784, Tyrrell County Tax List shows Isaac Davenport with 288 acres.

1785, Land deed Isaac Davenport to Henry Levingston. (Tyrrell County DB 6, p. 72)

1785, State grant 145 to Isaac Davenport. (Tyrrell County DB 8, p. 162)

1785, Land deed Isaac Davenport to John Davenport. (Tyrrell County DB 10, p. 224?)

Oct 5, 1786, bond for Sarah Snell to administer estate of John Snell. Bondsmen: Isaac Davenport, Jacob Davenport.

Nov 28, 1786, Isaac Davenport, Jonathan Phelps, and John Davenport petition the State House of Commons (does not say subject, but later action of House of Representatives indicated that it concerned land). ["Colonial Records of North Carolina", Vol. XVIII, p. 29]

1787, Sheriff's deed Isaac Davenport to Edmund Blunt, Jr. (Shff.). (Tyrrell County DB 10, p. 199)

Jan 4, 1787, bond for John Foster to administer estate of Elihu Pease. Bondsmen: John Snell, Isaac Davenport.

Dec 1, 1787, State House of Representatives acted upon the petition of Jonathan Phelps, John Davenport, and Isaac Davenport. Plaintiffs co-owned land which was confiscated by the Commissioner of Confiscated Property in the Edenton District and was sold. Petition was referred to Court of Record for redress. ["Colonial Records of North Carolina", Vol. XX, p. 357]

Jul 1788, Isaac Davenport bought property in estate sale of John Alexander, who owned property on the East side of the Scuppernong River.

1790, The South Carolina census shows Francis, two Isaacs, Joseph, two Williams, and James Davenport on the same page (also see Francis Davenport, 1749).

1790, U.S. Census for North Carolina shows Isaac Davenport with 3 males 16+, 2 males under 16, 4 females, no slaves.

1790, U.S. Census for North Carolina shows Isaac Davenport, Jr. with 1 male 16+, 3 males under 16, 7 females, no slaves.

1790, Land deed Anne and Isaac Davenport to Eleazer Craddock. (Tyrrell County DB 10, p. 551)

1790, Land deed James Fisher to Isaac Davenport. (Tyrrell County DB 10, p. 421)

1790, Land deed James Fisher to Isaac Davenport. (Tyrrell County DB 10, p. 422)

1791, Land deed John Davenport to Isaac Davenport. (Tyrrell County DB 10, p. 588)

Apr 12, 1791, Isaac Davenport bought property at estate sale of John Dosier.

Dec 24, 1791, Isaac Davenport and Ann Davenport witness the will of Richard Chapman.

Feb 5, 1792, will of Joseph Davenport, probated Apr 1792. Names wife Elizabeth Mary, children Benjamin, Simeon, Ismael, Enoch, Eli, Isom, Isaac, Joseph, Ansel (Asahel?), John, Jemima, Elizabeth, Ann, Pattey. States land adjoins Benjamin Davenport, John Davenport, Spruill, McCabe. Witnesses: Moses Davenport, Ader Norman, James Norman.

1793, Land deed John Craven to Isaac Davenport. (Tyrrell County DB 11, p. 273)

Feb 1, 1793, Joshua Davenport married Ann Brickhouse. Bondsman Isaac Davenport, witness T. Mackey.

Apr 26, 1793, bond for Joseph Snell to administer father's estate. Bondsmen: Jos. Chapman, Isaac Davenport.

Jul 31, 1794, bond for Isaac Davenport to be guardian to Holt Snell. Bondsmen: Joseph Davenport, Frederick Davenport.

Jan 1796, Isaac Davenport was paid 18 pounds 1shilling of public funds for keeping a free ferry for the year 1795. He was additionally allowed 10 pounds for the same purpose for 1796 (Minutes of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, January 1796).

Jan 26, 1796, Isaac Davenport named as bondsman on estate of Joanna Davenport (widow of James Davenport, Jr. - Ed.).

1797, Sale of slave, Joshua & Mary Tarkinton to Isaac Davenport. (Tyrrell County DB 12, p. 218)

Jan 1798, Isaac Davenport paid 21 pounds 3 shillings for keeping a public ferry. (Minutes of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions)

1798, Land deed Joseph & Jemima Chapman to Isaac Davenport. (Tyrrell County DB 12, p. 266)

Apr 1799, petition to divide estate of Simion Davenport, who died Apr 1799 owning 500 acres. Heirs: Isaac, Joseph, Eli, another Isaac, John, Enock, Stephen, Benjamin, and Ishmell Davenport; Ann Davenport Snell, heirs of Jemima Davenport Ambrose, and Patty Phelps. (The beneficiaries are Simeon's siblings. See Joseph Davenport's will, Apr1792. Simeon must not have married, or had no family left at the time - Ed.)

1799, Division of estate, land deed Henry Norman, D. Davenport, and Joseph Phelps, commissioners, to Eli, Enoch, Benjamin, Ishmael, Isaac, Joseph, John, and Stephen Davenport. (Tyrrell County DB 12, p. 385).

1799, Land deed Ishmal Davenport to Isaac Davenport. (Tyrrell County DB 12, p. 381)

1799, Land deed Benjamin Davenport to Isaac Davenport. (Tyrrell County DB 12, p. 381)

1799, Land deed Benjamin & Patty Phelps to Isaac Davenport. (Tyrrell County DB 12, p. 401)

1799, Land deed Asa & Nancy Snell to Isaac Davenport. (Tyrrell County DB 12, p. 402)

1799, Land deed Joseph Davenport, Sr. to Isaac Davenport. (Tyrrell County DB 12, p. 418)

1799, Land deed Joseph & Eliza Phelps to Isaac Davenport. (Tyrrell County DB 12, p. 418)

1799, Division of estate, land deed Henry Norman, D. Davenport, and Joseph Phelps, commissioners, to Eli, Enoch, Benjamin, Ishmael, Isaac, Joseph, John, and Stephen Davenport. (Tyrrell County DB 12, p. 385).

Oct 27, 1799, bond for Isaac Davenport to be guardian to Holt Snell, orphan of Roger Snell. Bondsmen: Levi Bateman, Henry Alexander.

1800-1847, Isaac Davenport had 10 more land and slave transactions as grantee (receiver). Isaac Jr. first appears in 1802.

1800, U.S. Census shows in Washington Co, NC David, Ephraim, Isaac, Jacob, James, Jesse, John, Myles, Stephen, William, William Davenport; and in Tyrrell Co, NC Isaac, Hezekiah, Ishmael, Joseph Davenport.

Jan 1804, Isaac Davenport married ? Rogers in Tyrrell Co, NC.

Mar 23, 1809, will of John Brickhouse in Tyrrell County mentions land which was formerly the property of Isaac Davenport son of Stephen. Tyrrell County Will Book O.

1815, Isaac Davenport's will recorded. (?? County WB A, p. 32)

Nov 28, 1823, John Davenport's will recorded in Tyrrell County. Mentions wife Sally Davenport, daughters Sally, Ruzillah, Patsy, and Joyce Davenport, and sons Talkot, Nias, and Doctor. Land adjoins Hezekiah Spruill, Silas Davenport, Isaac Davenport, and Frederick Davenport.

521. Elizabeth HAWKINS

Name given in Isaac Davenport deed, Dec 6, 1752

536. Andreas KILLIAN

English given name Andrew.
Andreas's parentage is unproven. Some believe it is Johannes Phillipp Wolfgang Kilian born 1 May 1654, but research indicates this is probably not true.  I have included him in my database but disconnected to Andreas.
Some have death in Lincoln Co., NC.
Buried Old St. Paul Luthern Church Catawba, NC.
Tombstone reads born 1702 died 14 Apr 1788.
Oath of Allegiance says the passengers came from "the palatinate upon the Rhine and places adjacent."  This includes parts of Germany now in France (Alsace and Lorraine) and the German speaking part of Switzerland.
Arrived at Philadelphia, PA with 3 children on the English ship 'Adventure' 4 Oct 1732. Signed oath of allegiance to colonial government 23 Sep 1732. Difference must be due to 11 day difference in Julian vs Gregorian calendars? England and colonies were on Julian, Germany Gregorian in 1732.
Passenger list says he was 30 which gives birth year 1701 or 1702.
Settled on the south side of the Catawba river in NC in 1749.
1749 Apr 13 Colonial Council held at New Bern granted 1000 acres in Anson County, NC on South side of Catawba river to Andrew Killian as well as Leonard and John.  This was on Killian's Creek.
1754 received additional grant of 152 acres on Killian's creek and moved across Catawba river to Rowan county due to Cherokee uprising.
1764 Andrew and wife, Mary, sold 1,152 acres on Killian's creek to John Ramsey. Recorded in Meckenburg County, NC records(Mecklenburg was formed from Anson in 1763 and extended across the Catawba river into what became Tryon County in 1769 and eventually Lincoln County in 1778).
1766 Andrew Killian bought 293 acres on Clark's creek near Newton in present day Catawba County from Mathias Beaver according to Rowan County, NC records.  He moved his family there.
1785 Sep 22 Will was signed in Lincolnton, NC.
1788 Will was probated.


Or Klein.
A relative of Sebastian Klein or Cline who landed in Philadelphia 3 Sep 1739.

649. Sarah Martha BALL

BIRTH: Her birth was recorded at the Gwynned Monthly Meeting of Friends.

Sarah's nephew was Joseph Ball, a very wealthy man who died intestate and without issue 28 Apr 1821 in Philadelphia. There have been many attempts to tie this Ball family to George Washington's mother but, as of yet, no success. )Source: The Descendants of Paulus and Gertrude Kusters)

652. Johann Adam Christopher WEISS

Descendants of Johann Adam Weiss

1 Johann Adam Weiss b: 1724 Rheinish Hesse, Hesse Darmstadt, Germany d: June 9, 1781 Washington Co., PA
.. +Maria Elisabetha Graff b: Abt. 1720 Rheinish Hesse, Hesse Darmstadt, Germany m: August 6, 1747 Gross Winterheim, RH, Germany d: Abt. 1766 Frederick Co., MD Father: Franz GRAFF Mother: Susanna
2 Andreas Weiss b: 1748 Grosswinterheim d: March 4, 1840 West Bethlehem, Washington Co., PA
.... +Zeruiah Hartman b: 1751 m: 1770 d: July 28, 1818 West Bethlehem, Washington Co., PA
2 Frederick Wise, RWV b: September 7, 1753 Frederick, Carroll Co., MD d: May 11, 1793 Fredericktown, Washington Co., PA
.... +Katherine Rinehart b: 1752 m: Abt. 1775 Washington Co., PA d: 1845 Steubenville, Jefferson Co., OH
2 Henry Wise b: Abt. 1755 Carroll Co., MD d: February 1810 Gallatin Co., KY
.... +Elizabeth Young b: Abt. 1764 m: October 25, 1784 Lincoln Co., KY d: 1849 Trimble Co., KY
2 Johann Peter Wise b: March 21, 1760 Pipe Creek, Carroll co., MD d: October 4, 1821 Middlebranch, Stark Co., OH
.... +Mary Magdalene Miller b: April 11, 1765 Washington Co., PA. m: 1783 Washington Co., PA d: October 12, 1821 Middlebranch, Stark Co., OH
2 Anna Maria Weiss b: November 9, 1761 Carroll Co., MD
2 Adam Wise, Jr., RWV b: February 24, 1763 Pipe Creek, Carroll Co., MD d: July 15, 1842 Washington Co., PA
.... +Maria Barbara Zollars b: February 19, 1758 Frederick Co., MD m: Abt. 1784 d: September 29, 1852 Washington Co., PA Father: Frederich ZOLLER Mother: UNKNOWN
2 Maria Elizabeth Weiss b: May 27, 1765 Carroll Co., MD
*2nd Wife of Johann Adam Weiss:
.. +Catherine (Graff) m: Abt. 1767 d: Bet. 1781 - 1818 West Bethlehem, Washington Co., PA
2 Jacob Wise b: 1767 Carroll Co., MD d: 1825 Somerset Co., PA
.... +Catharine d: Bef. 1820 PA
2 Daniel Wise b: 1769 Carroll Co., MD d: Aft. 1840 Shelby Co., KY
.... +Isabella McKinley d: Bef. 1840 Shelby Co., KY
*2nd Wife of Daniel Wise:
.... +Catherine Unknown
2 Abraham Wise b: Abt. 1775 West Bethlehem, Washington Co., PA
2 Tobias Wise b: October 12, 1777 West Bethlehem, Washington Co., PA d: May 11, 1856 Shelby, Ohio Co., KY
.... +Mary Grigsby b: May 2, 1779 Shelby Co., KY m: September 4, 1795 Shelby Co., KY d: May 10, 1862 Ohio Co, KY
2 Ulian Wise b: Abt. 1778 Old Fort Redstone, Washington Co., PA
2 Judith Wise b: Abt. 1779 West Bethlehem, Washington Co., PA d: May 21, 1821 Fayette Co., PA
.... +John Jacob Spohn, Rev b: Abt. 1779 m: Abt. 1798 Washington Co., PA d: October 5, 1847 Marion Co., IA

656. Robert LOONEY

Robert Looney was on the Muster Roll of Augusta County in 1742. On July 30, 1742 received a grant of 213 acres beginning at the South side of Luney's Mill Creek and extending to Beaver Damn Swamp. Robert Looney was a surety on Eleanor Draper's bond of May 17, 1749, for her administration of George Draper's estate. (Probably the George Draper who went hunting and never returned. His wife was killed by Indians in July 1755 at Draper's Meadow on New or Wood's River). On Nov. 27, 1755, Robert Looney and John Mills were processioners for Looney's Creek and the waters thereof. In February. of 1756 Robert Looney was killed by the enemy at Reed's Creek, "nigh Alex Sawyer's" east of Kings Mills, later Kingsport, Tennessee. (William Preston's Journal.)

Margaret Looney gave bond as administratrix 17 March 1756. John Looney and Robert Rowland were sureties. (Was Margaret related to Robert Rowland?) This John Looney was a younger brother to Robert and at about this time he became son-in-law to Stephen Rentfro. The Robert Looney, Jr. estate was appraised 15 may 1756 by John Bowen, Hugh Caruthers, Robert Rowland, and William Harbison. Margraet Looney may have been identical with the Margaret Looney who in Bedford County, Virginia, in 1759 sued Anthony (Fee Book) when Anthony sued Looney and Co.(Order Book).

Per Miss Elizabeth Looney: "Was killed Feb 15, 1756 on Looney Creek, Augusta(now Botetourt) County, Virginia by Shawnee Indians."

657. Margaret RHEA

John (Sr.) LOONEY b: 1744 in Augusta Co., VA
Moses LOONEY b: 1745 in Looney Mill Creek, Augusta Co., VA
Benjamin (Sr.) LOONEY b: 1748 in Looney Mill Creek, Augusta Co., VA
Samuel LOONEY b: 1754 in Looney Mill Creek, Augusta Co., VA (or 1751)
Mary LOONEY b: JAN 1756 in Looney Mill Creek, Augusta Co., VA

Margaret md. 2) Stephen RENFRO

Notes on the Rhea Family. Matthew Rhea of Donegal, Ireland, had 4 sons (and perhaps some daughters) by his first wife and 4 sons and a daughter by his second wife, Elizabeth McClain. Several of these children came to America "early" and settled in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland. Among these who came early were William of Chester County, Pennsylvania, and Isaac also of Pennsylvania. Their half-brother, the Rev. Joseph Rhea (1715-1777), with wife Elizabeth McIlevaine, came to Philadelphia in 1769 with children John, Mathew IV who later married Jane Preston, William, Joseph, and a daughter. They lived in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Taneytown, Maryland, but he died before he could move his family to Sullivan County in East Tennessee, where he had bought land on Beaver Creek of the Holston River. Mathew IV (1755-1816) who married Mary Looney b. 1801, daughter of Abrham3 (David 2) and Elizabeth (Gammon)
Looney. The compiler suggests that Margaret Rhea, whose marriage to Robert2 Looney Jr. must have taken place about 1742 or 1743 (very soon after Robert1 Looney and family removed from northern Virginia to the James River settlement in Augusta County), must have been a sister or half-sister to Rev. Joseph Rhea.

Ref. "Some East Tennessee Families" by Nelson; "Notable Southern Families" by Zella Armstrong; "Dawn of Tennessee Valley and Tennessee History" by S.C. Williams.

660. Isaac , Sr. GARRISON

Isaac Garrison, in Surry County, NC, on 26,Jun,1756, visited Moravians at Bethabara, NC,"--lived fourteen miles away" fits location of land on Lick Creek owned by Isaac Garrison, Jr., a few years later.  NC tax rolls in 1771, Surry Co., shows Isaac Garrison with two polls; same in 1772 shows Isaac Garrison, Sr., with one poll and Isaac Garrison, Jr. with one poll. Will book A, page 127, Surry Co., NC--1771-1787 shows Isaac Garrison estate inventory, court, Feb., 1779.  Court action appointing administrator names wife as Elizabeth Garrison.

670. Jacob HOOSANG

Jacob Hoosang (226) is included on the passenger list on ship "Phoenix" arriving Philadelphia from Rotterdam - 01 OCT 1754.

Jacob next shows up in the 1783 Tax List of Washington Co, PA.  His will is listed in the Washington Co Will Book Vol. 1 Page 473 Prob date 1803.  

Jacob used the names Hussung, Hosong, Hoosong, and even Bussung.

Jacob could not read or write and signed his name with a (+) his mark.

Ref. Jacob Hussing 1754 Philadelphia Co, PA Tax Record

Ref. 1790 US Census - Washington Co, PA
    Jacob Husong - 3 males 16 yrs & up, 2 males under 16, 3 females

Ref. 1800 US Census - Washington Co, PA - page 2
    Jacob Husong

Ref.  1783 Tax List for Washington Co, PA
    Jacob Hoosong 300 acres 3 horses 2 cows 5 sheep value 55 pounds

Ref.  Washington Co, PA Will Book Page 473 Amwell Twp.
    Jacob Hoosong dated 21 Dec 1802 Probated 3 Jan 1803
    Exec:  William McFarland, Henry Everhart
    Wit:  John Gardner, Adam Gardner, Daniel Horn
    Wife:  Elizabeth
    Sons:  Isaac (Rec'd land adjoining William McClanachan); Jacob; Conrad,           Daniel; Christian (Rec'd land adjoining Andrew McCracken)
    Dau's:  Mary; Elizabeth; Rhoda

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